Lego Studios Backlot

logo of the Shockwave game Lego Studios Backlot

adventure knows no boundaries

did you know its super easy to get out of bounds in Lego Studios Backlot?

all it takes is getting onto the brick wall that surrounds the backlot and then just, hopping off it.
the quickest way to accomplish this is at just in the front area.
start dashing with z, and when you hit the sidewalk, jump.

gameplay footage showing player character getting onto a wall by abusing gameplay trick

and from there you are off to the races, explore as much as your heart desires.

player character looking at game environment from out of bounds
player character out of bounds, looking at Hollywood sign background elemement
a visual mess of the game thanks to hall of mirrors effect
gif of player character running in out of bounds area, with hall of mirrors effect

Playable on Flashpoint!